Don’t worry all, we here at the 23rd Stage haven’t left you. We’ve all been hard at work dealing with all of our projects. I am no different. I’ve been hard at work putting Mass Effect material together for the public’s use. I’ve also been playtesting everything quite a bit. You’ll notice some changes to … Continue reading

Welcome To Crunch Time

Well, here we all stand. The Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous is now less than a week away! We here at The 23rd Stage are all gearing up to present things that we’ve all been working hard on to bring to you, the players. Erik will be there pulling heavy duty to work with the GFGR … Continue reading

Romance in RPGs

Romance in RPGs

    One player archetype I failed to mention in last week’s article is the ever-prevalent Romantic. This player seems to have a wealth of love to spread around… and around and around. Some will flirt and leave it at that, and some will insist on locating a bedroll to share. Rarely will a player roleplay the … Continue reading

What To Expect When You’re DMing

    Every storyteller has an audience to captivate, and likewise, a Dungeon Master has his players. In every band of heroes, you will find some characters fill a specific role in your adventure : Damage, Tank, Healer, and That-Guy-Who-Doesn’t-Know-What-He’s-Doing. At the same time, the players themselves tend to become certain archetypes while they’re immersed in your … Continue reading